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Smart Phrases That Will Make You Better at Networking

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Smart Phrases That Will Make You Better at Networking

Networking events are a great opportunity to make valuable contacts, professionally and personally. But many people stress over the pressure of trying to connect quickly and impressively with complete strangers. Some even stay away because they can't get comfortable with the idea. It's definitely a situation that can prey on any insecurities you have, but if you prepare well, you can know that you won't be caught in a long weird silence or trying to think of something to say that doesn't sound awkward. Then you'll be ready not just for networking events but for company picnics, conferences, cocktail parties, and any other social events that take you outside your circle of family and friends. Here are eight perfect icebreakers to learn and practice.

1. Hi, my name is . . .

Start with the basics. Put out your hand, flash a genuine smile, make eye contact, and introduce yourself. From there the person you're talking with will almost certainly share their name, and you're already off to a good start.

2. What do you do?

People love to talk about themselves. If you're inquisitive and curious, most people will pick it up from there and carry the talking. Again, it's a question of starting with the basics.

3. What business are you in?

A slightly different version of "What do you do?" Either can be appropriate, depending on the event and the person. You may even want to use both. If you learn that you're talking with an accountant, you can ask, "Are you with an accounting firm, or do you work for a business in a different industry?" Source: Perfect Icebreakers: 8 Smart Phrases That Will Make You Better at Networking |

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Baring it all to your business contacts

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Baring it all to your business contacts

Pin a name tag to your chest, grab a drink and schmooze. It may be a tried and tested formula for business networking events, but making important new connections needn’t be limited to the four walls of a bar or hotel function room. Here are five imaginative ways to network outside the box:


While most professionals dress to impress when meeting potential new business contacts, the Finnish attitude is definitely that less is more.  

Planes, trains and automobiles

While most people travelling on public transport do their best to avoid eye contact and engage with other passengers, striking up a conversation with a stranger on a train, plane or bus could result in useful business leads.  

Burning Man festival

people standing on art instillation
 Revelry at Burning Man: the festival has become a magnet for business moguls. Photograph: BLM Photo / Alamy/Alamy
A week camping in the scorching desert sounds like a gruelling way to grow your professional network but Nevada’s annual Burning Man festival has become a magnet for business moguls and entrepreneurs alike.  


Can you network over weights and yoga as easily as you can sipping a glass of wine and nibbling on canapes? Advocates of the latest trend from the US which combines a workout with the opportunity to make business connections believe you can.   This is just a synopses of the full article which you can read here.

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Things Successful People Do in the First Hour of the Workday

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img13-1024x682It is crucial that you start your day off right. Here are some ways to make sure you begin your workday with the best mindset possible and boost your productivity. The first hour of the workday is critical, since it can impact your productivity level and mindset for the rest of the day. "Successful people understand the importance of having control over their mornings, and know how to use that time wisely," says Lynn Taylor, a national workplace expert and author of Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant: How to Manage Childish Boss Behavior and Thrive in Your Job. "These people are able to weed out the noise in their first hour and focus on what matters." Everyone has their unique method of prioritizing, she says. "But all successful people stay focused when they start their day, and with years of practice, they realize that many things can wait, and others cannot." Here are 12 things successful people do in the first hour of the workday: They step back and reflect. Taylor says it's important to take a moment to look at the big picture. "It's easy to jump in and 'just do it' when you get to work, but successful people look at their larger goals in order to better prioritize." They strategize. Successful people take a few minutes at the start of their workday to think about where their career or business should be going, says Laura Vanderkam, author of What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast. "Few people spend much time on these questions to begin with, let alone when their brains are fresh. But pursuing strategic clarity is a worthy objective. It's hard to get somewhere if you don't know where you're going." They check their to-do lists and calendars. You don't want to overwhelm yourself first thing in the morning, but it's important that you take a quick look at your to-do list and calendar to know what's ahead. Missing any early meetings or deadlines would likely cause stress and could ruin your entire day. Read More: 12 Things Successful People Do in the First Hour of the Workday

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5 Ideas to Transform Your Business

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MechanicalGiraffesIdea 1. Gain Clarity - 80% of success comes down to clarity, clarity is being crystal clear on where you are going in business, creating a clear invincible vision. Idea 2. Environment - Jim Rohn said "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with" . Ask yourself this question: "Am I surrounded by like minded people who are going places"? Idea 3. Mastermind - “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can never live long enough to make them all yourself.” - Grouche Marx. Get into a mastermind group of like minded high achievers who are interested in achieving. Their energy, success, enthusiasm, motivation and inspiration will rub of on you and help you to achieve your results. Idea 4. Habits - Shawn Achor said, "Our daily decisions and habits have a huge impact upon both our levels of happiness and success". All successful athletes have habits which help them to be successful, business is the same, if we learn and develop these habits we are more likely to achieve success. Idea 5. Mentors - If we want to find our way around any city, it helps to have a map, make sure you have the correct road map and your in the right city. Mentors are people who have been there and done it, leverage their road maps for achieving results.

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The Three Types Of People Who Make Networking Worth My Time

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The Three Types Of People Who Make Networking Worth My Time

There are three main missions I have when I go to a business networking event: 1. Gain knowledge from people who know more than I do - such as speakers or panelists. 2. Make new connections I can leverage in the future. 3. Meet the RIGHT people. For me, it’s easy to spend two hours bouncing around from conversation to conversation and meet nobody that aligns with what I'm doing. I’ve fallen into this trap too many times: I get home, look at the business cards I've gathered, and realize that I could have been far more productive by tackling my overflowing email inbox than I was "networking" that night. To avoid falling into this time-wasting trap again, I've adapted my networking strategy. It all comes down to meeting these three core people:

  • The Celebrity
  • The Unsung Hero
  • Network Holder
You can read the full article via The Three Types Of People Who Make Networking Worth My Time.

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A Minute-By-Minute Breakdown Of How I Navigate Networking Conversations

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A Minute-By-Minute Breakdown Of How I Navigate Networking Conversations

Sometimes I find myself in a conversation that just seems to go on and on ... and on ... and on. Then 45 minutes later, I realize I've been zoning out the whole time and the event I'm attending is nearly over.

This results in an evening spent accomplishing, well, nothing. But when I take the time to connect with new people, I want to ensure I meet those who I can leverage the most - and those who can leverage me the most - during the few hours we have.

That's why I've learned to keep a mental note of the time I spend on each conversation.

Here's how I break it up:

 10-60 Seconds:

Start with a normal, more formal introduction. This is typically where we exchange names and banter about something related to the event.

 Mental Note: By the end of this first minute, we just need to have the conversation started. Oftentimes this is actually the hardest part, so hard that I wrote a separate post on how I approach strangers without being a creep here.


 1-2 Minutes:

Now we exchange a pitch about what we do for living or what we're working on. Some people argue that directly asking someone what they do isn't the best approach, but I personally think it's important to ask for this fundamental knowledge to figure out where a conversation might lead.

Questions to help navigate:

2-5 Minutes:

Based on what path we find ourselves on, we're doing one of two things:

1. Diving deeper into the conversation and learning more about they do.

2. Finding a way to pleasantly exit the conversation. We'll be posting on how to do handle this gracefully later this week.

Read the full article via A Minute-By-Minute Breakdown Of How I Navigate Networking Conversations.

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22 Conversation Starters for Business Networking

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Beyond Tinder: 22 Conversation Starters For All Our Networking Needs

Are you from Australia? Because you meet all my koalifications. Conversation starters like the one above give me joy daily. I follow Tinder Nightmares, an Instagram account surfacing real stories from real users. But deep behind the comedy of these sometimes desperate attempts to trigger a relationship is a real issue ... Starting conversations is difficult. And awkward. And just all around uncomfortable. While I may not be a Tinder user, I can relate to the struggle of starting a conversation at conferences, social events, and even internal company parties. Even when I'm speaking at conferences, I often hide in a corner avoiding the pre-presentation cocktail hour until it's my time to get up and speak. To help poor souls like myself, I reached out to some of the most well-connected folks I know. In the presentation below, you'll find 22 unique conversation starters - which means If you're looking for the generic, "so what brings you to this conference?" you've come to the wrong place.

1. "Have you found a place to put your coats / bags, or are we just holding on to them?"

2. "Are you Italian?"

People always want to know why you think they’re Italian. This anonymous contribution comes from someone who says the line “does wonders on Tinder.” That must mean it works at conferences, too, right?

3. "After this, I'm thinking of flying to France, Hong Kong, or Rio. Which should I go to? Why?" Contributed by: Mark Roberge, Chief Revenue Officer

4. "Are any of you experiencing issues connecting to the Wi-Fi?"

I mean, the answer is almost always ... "YES."

5. One time I introduced myself to someone & we wound up helping each other a ton. Let's make it round two? Contributed by: Matt Bilotti, Student Investor

      6. "Mind if I squeeze in and share this cocktail table?"

While this yields a one-word response, it serves as a staring point for approaching someone.

7. "That's a sweet startup tee. I think I've heard of that company ..." Contributed by: Harvey Simmons, Marketer & Product Evangelist

8. "Is your phone dying too? There's got to be somewhere to charge this."

Lingering around a charging station is also a great way to meet others doing the same.

9. "I like your bag. Where is it from?" Contributed by: Sasha Hoffman, Entrepreneur & Biz Dev

10. "Know anywhere I can get some good food or drinks around here?"

 Even when the answer is “no,” we may find  a new pal to go on a drink-finding journey with.

11. I'll be honest, the only person I know here is the bartender, and I just met him. Mind if I introduce myself?

12. Looks like I'm not the only crazy chick who showed up in heels. How are you holding up all day?

13. Gotta love  bathroom wait lines, am I right?

No. No one loves these lines, but might as well chit chat while we wait.

14. I'm tired of chatting with my colleagues - I see ‘em all the time. What are you all  talking about? Credit: Pete Holmes

15. I'm not sure I knew what to expect when I came here. Have you been before? Contributed by: Meghan Anderson, Product Marketing Director

16. "How are you guys getting to the next event? Want to share a cab?"

Oftentimes, people don’t have a plan yet. Offer a ride-share and secure yourself a set time  to connect with them.

17. "Have you  downloaded the  mobile app? Which sessions have you selected through it?" Contributed by: Rachel Sprung, Product Marketing Manager

18. "If there’s one question you don’t want me to ask because you’re sick of answering it, what would that be? Credit: Conversation Arts

19. "You guys look like you're having the  most fun here, mind  if I join this conversation?" Contributed by: Corey Eridon, Managing Editor

20. "Is it quieter on  this side of the  room? I can hardly hear over there." Credit: The Muse

21. "Have you checked out [XYZ]  app? What did  you think?" Contributed by: Brian Balfour, VP of Growth

Simply replace [XYZ] with the hottest app of that year - Twitter, Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc.

22. Man, I hate networking.

Might as well start with the one thing just about  every attendee has in common. ;)

This article appears courtesy of Beyond Tinder: 22 Conversation Starters For All Our Networking Needs.

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How I Identify The Right People For My Professional Network

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How I Identify The Right People For My Professional Network

We’re living in an interesting paradox – despite the advancement of technology and tools built to help save us time … our time is actually becoming more scarce. We have more responsibilities to uphold, decisions to make, and goals to meet. And for those of us who value networking, we must find some way to allocate the remainder of our precious time to building that network.

Question is – how?

For me, it comes down to thinking objectively. Whether I’m at a networking event, searching LinkedIn, or reading a referral email, I always follow the Rule of 3. Rule of 3: The Rule of 3 requires us to define three strong purposes, benefits, or reasons for pursuing a connection. The Rule of 3 allows me to build connections worth investing in. Let’s say I go to a party hosted by my company, The Good Ones, in hopes of adding new people to my network. I have a brief conversation with the following three individuals. Read the full story via How I Identify The Right People For My Professional Network.

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Bring a friend when networking

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When attending a networking event on your own you can subconsciously go into your shell or try and find one or two people to speak to and stay with them for the evening. This defeats the purpose of a networking event as you want to try and speak to as many people and make as many contacts as possible. Who to bring Ideally you should bring somebody who will enjoy the event and that will get value from attending. If you bring somebody who has no interest in being there they are most likely not going to make an effort to speak to new people and therefore unable to introduce you to new people. The person you bring should also be very chatty and comfortable approaching people they do not know and striking up a conversation. Once they have made new acquaintances they can then introduce you and help build your network. Strategy for networking The whole point of bringing somebody to a networking event is that you can speak to them when you are unable to speak to anybody else and that they can make introductions to people who may be able to benefit you. When you enter a networking event get a drink with your friend and study the crowd, try and identify who you would like to speak to or who you think may be able to help you. Once you have done this split up from your friend and agree to meet back at a certain point, in say 30 minutes. After your thirty minutes discuss who you have both met and identify if it would be in your interest to meet anybody your friend has met. If it is the case where you would like to speak to somebody, get your friend to make the introduction and discuss what it is exactly you do. Original article courtesy of  Bring a friend when networking | career advice |

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4 Powerful Presentation Lessons from Apple

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With the upcoming Apple announcement only a day away, the business world is buzzing in anticipation. What will Tim Cook unveil next—and how will it impact our lives? Whether tomorrow’s announcements harken a new iPhone or a wearable device, we can be certain of one thing: the presentations will be of the highest caliber. Over the past three decades, Apple’s executives have delivered some of the best presentations in the business. From Steve Jobs’ unveiling of the first iMac in 1998 to Tim Cook’s keynote at last year’s Worldwide Developers’ Conference, Apple has served as an exemplary model for effective content and delivery for years. As we get ready for the next big product launch from Cupertino, let’s look back at some of the presentation techniques that have made past Apple announcements so great. If you want to present like Steve Jobs, make note of this list and follow these tips next time you get up on stage. 1. Keep your main message simple—and tweetable. (Tweet this!) Apple sticks to sleek, simple design when it comes to its devices—and its presentations are no different. From the language to the visuals, everything in an Apple presentation is designed to convey one message at a time as clearly as possible. This dedication to clarity and simplicity ensures that Apple’s audiences come away from these presentations with the exact message that Apple wants to spread. Communications expert Carmine Gallo praises Apple executives for going so far as to make sure that their headlines are less than 140 characters long, so media outlets and audience members can tweet them out exactly as they said on stage. Take a look at Twitter after tomorrow’s announcement—you might just notice the same headlines, straight from Tim Cook’s mouth, making the rounds. Get the full story via 4 Powerful Presentation Lessons from Apple — Prezi Blog. Reposted by Paul Hayes from thehostingpool

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